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Toddlers are always on the move, excited and exploring the world around them!   Kids 'R' Kids understands the curiosity and readiness of toddlers and creates a challenging and kid-paced day to fulfill these needs.


Toddler I Program - 12 to 18 months staff:child ratio 1:5

This program supports socialization along with the emotional, physical, and cognitive development domains.  Sign language is utilized to assist in verbal communication.  Children are given opportunities to make artistic creations and explore the world around them through nature, science, and outdoor play.  We encourage the development of self-help skills to help foster feelings of accomplishment and increase self-esteem.


Toddler II Program - 18 to 24 months staff:child ratio 1:5

The focus of this program is sensory stimulation, potty training introduction, color recognition, and having group time experiences of an age-appropriate length.  Social skills and independence are fostered through self-help skills, such as dressing, sitting on the potty, and throwing trash away.  Fine and gross motor skills continue to develop, such as running, pre-writing skills, and eating with a spoon.  We carefully supervise the children while still allowing them to explore and experience the environment.

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