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The daily adventures continue into preschool, and with them come the steppingstones for a lifetime of learning. Our goal is to help equip your child for the challenges ahead. Supporting each child during this time in his or her life helps to instill a sense of confidence and accomplishment while emphasizing their daily successes.

Preschoolers are continuing their learning adventure with a desire to do things on their own and make new discoveries. That's why we've designed our Preschool Program to fulfill the preschool mind.


Young Preschool Program - 36 to 42 months staff:child ratio 1:10

The focus of this program is on the four domains of development, along with letter, number, and name recognition, math, and small and large group experiences. Spanish, and concepts of writing skills are also discussed.  As in all of our other programs, activities are theme and learning center-based.  Through play, we provide many hands-on activities for the children to participate in throughout the day.


Older Preschool Program - 42 to 48 months staff:child ratio 1:10

The concentration of this program is on letter sounds, along with recognition of letters and numbers, math skills, computer skills, Spanish, writing skills, and with the four domains of development.  Children begin to examine and investigate cause and effect and learn new strategies for expression of ideas.

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