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The youngest learners at Kids 'R' Kids are well on their way to a lifetime of learning with our Infant Program. Infants as young as six weeks old are involved with stimulating, hands-on play. Kids 'R' Kids is a place for love, growth, and discovery. Each activity is designed to assist your child achieve developmental milestones while he or she has fun at the same time.

Kids 'R' Kids knows the importance of nurturing when it comes to babies. Providing plenty of hugs, love, and personal attention is something we include throughout our Infant Program. Your baby will enjoy singing, giggling, reading, cuddling and, of course, Tummy Time in our safe, secure, state-of-the-art facility.


Infant I Program - 6 weeks to 6 months  staff:child ratio 1:4

The focus of the Infant I program is sensory stimulation, physical development (which includes fine and gross motor skills), and social and emotional development.  We also build beginning language skills through talking with the children and introducing sign language.  We follow the infant feeding schedules provided by the parent in order to meet each child's needs.  The activities offered in this program are “hands-on” to provide a rich experience for all children.  We provide a fun, educational, and nurturing environment for the children.


Infant II Program - 6 to 12 months  staff:child ratio 1:4

This program continues to build social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills.    Sign language continues to be a major part of the curriculum so as to foster communication and language skills.  Transitional milestones occur such as drinking from a sippy cup, transitioning to sleeping on a mat, eating table food, balancing and /or taking first steps, sitting in a chair, adjusting to a Pre-Toddler schedule, and drinking whole milk.  We are sensitive to the needs of the children, and parents and teachers work as a team to ensure that each child feels secure and happy each day. 

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